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AA-EB-7R - Vandal Resistant Outlet Lock Box w/ Cylinder Lock

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Our Tamper-Proof 2-Gang Electric Receptacle Lock Box, equipped with a cylinder lock, offers superior protection for electrical outlets in commercial and public settings. Constructed from robust stainless steel, this lock box is designed to prevent unauthorized access and vandalism to 2-gang receptacles. Its heavy-duty design and additional security of a cylinder lock make it an ideal choice for environments requiring enhanced safety measures. This outlet lock box is a crucial component for maintaining the integrity and security of electrical systems, ensuring a safe and reliable electrical supply.

Note! Receptacle outlet is not included with the housing. You will need to source an appropriate weatherproof outdoor outlet box to fit inside of the housing.

Warranty Guide, Care Instructions & Spec Sheet - See Spec Sheet Tab Below

Made in USA, Veteran Owned