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Touchless Hand Dryer - Surface Model P3-12S

Introducing the Touchless Hand Dryer - Surface Model P3-12S, an eco-friendly and efficient solution for hand drying needs in various facilities. This hand dryer not only saves trees and reduces landfill waste but also minimizes energy consumption and pollution, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional paper towels. With the capacity to save 17 trees worth of paper towels per year in a typical school using 30 hand dryers, the P3-12S stands out as a responsible choice for environmentally conscious establishments.

Constructed with 20g stainless steel, this hand dryer is not only robust but also vandal-resistant, ensuring durability and reliability in high-traffic areas. The touchless operation, facilitated by an infrared sensor, ensures hygiene and safety, while the quick 12-15 second drying time provides convenience and efficiency. With a limited 10-year warranty and user-repairable design, the P3-12S promises long-term functionality and easy maintenance, making it a prudent investment for your facility.

Warranty Guide, Care Instructions & Spec Sheet - See Spec Sheet Tab Below

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