Why Vandal Stop? To Save Time & Money!

Vandal Stop Products has proudly been in business for over 30 years building the best Toilet Paper Holders on the market and backing it with the strongest warranty in the industry. Here is a short comparison clip that shows in depth the difference between our toilet paper holders and the competitions toilet paper holders.

Toughness Redefined: 

In the battle against vandalism caused by bums, drug addicts, and reckless teenagers, Vandal Stop stands as your unwavering ally. Our products, crafted from 12 gauge stainless steel, are not just durable; they are virtually indestructible. Tested in the most extreme conditions, they are designed to endure where others fail, putting an end to the constant cycle of repairs and replacements that drain your resources and patience.

Security Against Theft and Abuse: 

We understand the frustration and financial strain caused by the theft of supplies and the destruction of facilities. Our dispensers and fixtures are engineered with security at the forefront. With Vandal Stop, you're not just installing restroom accessories; you're fortifying your facilities against theft and vandalism, safeguarding your investment and maintaining the integrity of your space.

Is Vandalism Impacting Your Facilities & Customers?

Why Vandal Stop? To Save Time & MoneyWhy Vandal Stop? To Save Time & Money

Vandal Stop Products comes in 3 different types of material thicknesses, 12 gauge, 14 gauge and 16 gauge. It is important to note that gauge thickness works in reverse. That is a 12 gauge product is going to be thicker than a 14 gauge product.

  • 12 Gauge Thickness: 0.1046 inches (100% - baseline)
  • 14 Gauge Thickness: 0.0747 inches (71.4% of 12 gauge)
  • 16 Gauge Thickness: 0.0598 inches (57.2% of 12 gauge)
  • 18 Gauge Thickness: 0.0478 inches (45.7% of 12 gauge)
  • 20 Gauge Thickness: 0.0359 inches (34.3% of 12 gauge)
  • 22 Gauge Thickness: 0.0299 inches (28.6% of 12 gauge)

To compare the relative strength of the different gauges of stainless steel sheet metal in terms of their resistance to bending under a load, we can use the deflection values calculated for a 50 lb weight. The strength in this context is inversely proportional to the deflection – the less a material deflects under a load, the stronger it is considered in terms of resistance to bending.

  • 12 Gauge is approximately 181.25% stronger than 14 Gauge.
  • 12 Gauge is approximately 406.25% stronger than 16 Gauge.
  • 12 Gauge is approximately 781.25% stronger than 18 Gauge.
  • 12 Gauge is approximately 1662.5% stronger than 20 Gauge.
  • 12 Gauge is approximately 2693.75% stronger than 22 Gauge.

Most stainless steel products available on the market come in at 22 gauge stainless steel. Some companies offer a "Heavy Duty" product line that they consider to be "Vandal Resistant" using 18 gauge. These are materials that we will not use for any of our products destined for high vandalism locations.

Our Vandal Stop Products are ~2693% stronger than standard stainless steel toilet paper dispensers from the leading manufactuers.

Material Thickness Comparison Chart

Material thickness comparison chartMaterial thickness comparison chart

Long-Term Savings: 

The initial cost of our products is an investment in peace of mind and long-term savings. By significantly reducing the frequency of replacements and maintenance calls, Vandal Stop products offer a cost-effective solution to the persistent problem of vandalism. The savings in labor and materials quickly offset the initial investment, making our products not just a purchase but a smart financial decision.

Maintain Facility Standards:

The state of your facilities reflects on your organization. Broken and poorly maintained dispensers can severely impact customer perception. Our robust, sleek designs ensure that your facilities always look their best, instilling confidence and satisfaction in your customers and visitors.

We Test Our Solutions With Baseball Bats...

Proudly Made in the USA:

As a veteran-owned company, we embody the spirit of American resilience and quality. Our commitment to American manufacturing not only ensures superior product quality but also supports the local economy and upholds high environmental standards.

ADA Compliance: Accessibility for All:

We ensure that our products are not just tough but also accessible. Complying with ADA standards, our dispensers and accessories cater to all users, ensuring your facilities are inclusive and welcoming.

Veteran Owned & Made in USA - Keeping Jobs Here!

Vandal Stop made is the USAVandal Stop made is the USA

Vandal Proof Warranty:

Our 12 gauge products come with a 10 year warranty that specifically protects against vandalism. If they break it, we will fix it!

Desgined to Customer's Needs

At Vandal Stop, our product designs are not born in isolation; they are the result of attentive listening to our most valuable asset – our customers. We understand that the true test of our products happens in the real world, where maintenance managers face daily challenges. That's why we place immense value on customer feedback, using it as a cornerstone for our innovation and design process.

Designed To Be Vandal Proof

Mini jumbo 2 roll toilet paper holderMini jumbo 2 roll toilet paper holder