If you an Architect looking for product solutions for your customer, we welcome your interest and consideration. Vandal Stop is the industry leader in ant-vandal products and services. Backed by our industry leading warranty, we stand by our products. We are also proud to be a Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and we proudly make all of our products right here in the USA.


Are you interested in specifying one of our products but have questions you cannot find answers for? Please feel free to contact us via our Contact form. We welcome the oppurtunity to assist Architects in helping them find solutions for their customers.

Product Name / Reference / SKU when Specifying

If you are looking to specify a product in your project, it is important that you completely and accurately use the right product name for your specification. Generally, a complete product Reference / Name / SKU will consist of the product family along with the material type and material thickness.

For example, our AA-JRDx1 line of products consists of the following product SKUs:


Name / Reference / SKU Material Type Material Thickness
AA-JRDx1-304L-12g 304L Stainless Steel 12 gauge in thickness
AA-JRDx1-304L-14g 304L Stainless Steel 14 gauge in thickness
AA-JRDx1-316L-12g  316L Stainless Steel 12 gauge in thickness

In the example above, if you are wanting to specify the 304L stainless steel, 12 guage product, you need to use the AA-JRDx1-304L-12g Name / Reference / SKU. It is important that if you are going to specify our product in your project that you use the complete Name / Reference / SKU so when the buyer goes to purchase, they know exactly what to purchase.

Cutsheets / Specsheets

All of our products should have an associated specsheet / cutsheet available. These documents are accessble from the product page and accessed by clicking on the "Spec Sheet" tab. Reference the screenshot below.