Vandal Resistant Commercial Toilet Paper Dispensers, Security Mirrors & Soap Dispensers

Heavy Duty Vandal Proof Restroom FixturesVandal Stop Products is the best line of vandal resistant commercial toilet paper holders and restroom fixtures on the market today. Our commercial toilet paper dispensers are designed for the toughest conditions like heavy use, abuse, corrosion and vandalism. If your public bathrooms are being vandalized and you are enduring high maintenance costs replacing broken commercial toilet paper dispensers and fixtures consider our solutions to stop bathroom vandals cold.

For our vandal resistant commercial toilet paper dispensers we use the best material with the heaviest gauge of stainless steel available. Our top of the line vandal resistant commercial toilet paper dispensers use 12 gauge stainless steel that is nearly 3.5X the thickness of standard commercial toilet paper dispensers. That thickness is what gives our products the unmatched strength and durability that reduces maintenance and facility servicing costs.

Proudly Made in the USA using American sourced stainless steel, our toughest vandal proof commercial toilet paper dispensers are backed with an industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty against both vandalism and corrosion. Our quality bathroom fixtures also are designed to accommodate a variety of toilet paper products so you aren't locked into any particular paper source.

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How We Demonstrate the Difference of a Vandal Stop Product

Testing of our products is not an ordinary process. It's difficult to convey why our commercial toilet paper dispensers are so much better than the rest of the industry. The best way we can figure out how is to demonstrate the weight that our vandal resistant products are able to withstand.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Restroom Fixtures

US Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District: "Easy cleaning and looks good. I highly recommend these products for those experiencing vandalism or theft problems."

Glenn County Jail & Parks Facilities, California: "We have found that the destruction of our dispensers has virtually been eliminated." — Maintenance & Inspection Director

Tahoe National Forest, Tahoe: "The key is an attachment installation that is as strong as the dispenser! It appears we have a truly vandal-resistant solution for a problem spot." — Landscape Architect