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Bare Brick Stone & Masonry Graffiti Remover

The Bare Brick, Stone & Masonry Remover is a highly effective, economical, and biodegradable solution designed for all types of spray can paints, oil-based, latex, and water-based paint over-spray, paint spill stains, grease, grime, smoke, and oil stains. It is specifically formulated for porous brick, stone, and concrete surfaces, including cinder block, split face block, and exposed aggregate. The product can be easily rinsed with a small pressure washer, requiring minimal rinsing water. It leaves no shadows, causes no damage, and requires no harsh scrubbing. The remover is pleasant-smelling, nontoxic, and safe for use on various surfaces, including natural stone (like limestone, granite, and marble), stainless steel, trees, plastics, and playground equipment. It can also be used on painted surfaces after wetting the surface with water.

  • Available: 20 oz can (2pk), 1qt (2pk), 1G (1pk)
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