AA-EB-2R - Anti-Vandal Electrical Receptacle Lock Box w/ Padlock


This product has been discontinued and replaced with the AA-EB-3R model that is slightly larger and includes a different hinge design and slot for extension cord to be used while the unit is locked. The old design is only available via special order only (call to inquire).

Our Tamper-Proof Outdoor Electric Receptacle Lock Box is specifically designed to secure and protect outdoor electrical outlets. Constructed from high-grade stainless steel, it offers robust defense against vandalism, weather elements, and unauthorized access. This heavy-duty lock box is perfect for outdoor settings, providing a secure, theft-resistant cover for electrical receptacles. Its weatherproof and durable design ensures long-lasting protection and reliability, making it an essential safety feature for outdoor electrical installations in commercial, public, or residential areas.

Note! Receptacle outlet is not included with the housing. You will need to source an appropriate outlet to fit inside of the housing.

Warranty Guide, Care Instructions & Spec Sheet - See Spec Sheet Tab Below

Made in USA, Veteran Owned