Cable Car Museum, San Francisco, California - Bathroom Review

The Cable Car Museum of San Francisco is one of those hidden gems that is worth a stop for anyone who has ever ridden the city's iconic cable cars. The museum is actually a working barnyard for the city's remaining four remaining cable car lines that travel throughout the city. Located at the center of these four lines, it is a relatively unassuming brick building from the outside but upon entering you quickly hear the noise of the machinery. As you climb the stairs you are greated with a view of a large wharehouse where the four differernt cables that pass through the city streets all travel through and are powered by four huge eletric wheels. The system itself is very elaborate and elegant and it is amazing that such technology was put together over 100 years ago. San Francisco actually had many cable car lines passing through the city streets but those lines were either phased out or bought out through mergers. One Mayor of San Francisco actually wanted to elminate the cable cars entirely and was nearly successful until a campaign of citizens fought to preserve the historic cars. All in all, the visit to the museum is certainly worth the time to learn about the incredible history of how one of the most reckongizable features of San Francisco came to be and was nearly lost before being preserved.

The bathroom at the Cable Car Museum wasn't something I had intended to write a review about but it happened to work out that I could take a few pictures while nobody was present. The bathroom itself was relatively modern and clean (something to consider for anyone walking the streets and in search of a restroom). To be honest I actually expected it to be a bit more grungy just beause it was a public restroom and was accessible to the public but I was surprised that it was in relatively decent shape. There was a small amount of graffiti on an access panel and the toilet seat cover dispenser but otherwise it was free of vandalism and graffiti. There wasn't anything artistic about the facility so no points but it was clean and functional. Overal this bathroom receives a 2 flush rating and though technically a bit on the low side, should still be considered a very worthwhile stop if you need to use a restroom while in the heart of San Francisco.

Cable Car Museum, San Francisco, California - Public Restroom Review - 2/5 Flushes

Facility Location Cleanliness Design Artwork Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Notes
 Cable Car Museum San Francisco, California Cleanliness       Free of Vandalism Very clean despite the small amountos of graffiti.