How to Submit a Purchase Order

We do not accept any Purchase Orders via email. All Purchase Orders must be submitted through our website using the checkout process. To do this, add the product you are wanting to purchase into the shopping cart and then proceed to checkout. When you get to the checkout page, under "Step 3: Payment Method" there will be a "Purchase Order" option. Select that and then enter your Purchase Order number into the field that appears.

See Screenshot and video instructions below for step by step instructions.

Purchase Order Payment Terms

  • Orders under $5000, Net 30 payment terms are allowed with proof of good credit.
  • Orders above $5000 will require 50% payment prior to production and balance due Net 30 from the day of final invoice.
    *Credit Card payments will not be accepted unless Seller agrees to pay the 3% CC processing fee.

At checkout, you will be required to check that you have read our Terms and Conditions by checking the box on the checkout page.  You will need to abide by our Payment Terms and Conditions that can be accessed here.

Purchase Order Document Uploading

Finally, at the bottom there will be an "Attachments" link. Click on this link and you will be prompted to upload a PDF copy of your Purchase Order.


If you have any issues, feel free to contact us using our contact form or reach out to us via our phone number at the bottom of this page.

Purchase Order Submittal at Checkout

Purchase Order Submittal at CheckoutPurchase Order Submittal at Checkout

Step by Step Instructions on Purchase Order Submittal

Tax Exemption

If you are a tax Exempt entity, you must first apply for an account using the same link as above for Resellers. Follow the process and once we review your proof of eligibility, we will activate your account for Tax Exempt status. To purchase with your Tax Exempt status, you must be logged into your account. Purchasing without logging in will result in the full retail price being charged.


If you are a Reseller and want to partner into our Reseller sales program, use this link here. To purchase and receive any discounting that might be applicable to your account, you must be logged in to your account. Purchasing without logging in will result in the full retail price being charged.