Crater Lake National Park, Oregon - Outhouse Review

Pit toilets are some of the least pleasent experiences when it comes to camping. The old versions of pit toilets where magnets for spiders, insects and flies but modern pit toilets have solved some of those problems. Now days the facilities are almost entirely concrete walls that are smooth thus preventing hiding places for spiders. The seats themslves are also plastic and provide no hiding space for spiders as well. One of my greatest fear of pit toilets are black widows that like to hide in the corners and crevices but thankfully smart design seems to be decreasing this issue.

This particular pit toilet was unique in that some effort was done to make it blend into the environment around it by the exterior rock walls. This certainly deserves a point for design as it was very well done and did fit in nicely with the surrounding area. The inside of the stall was also very clean considering the amount of traffic that it receives. The maintenance staff at Crater Lake National Park certainly deserve some credit for their efforts at this facility. There was no graffiti or signs of vandalism but I suspect that most visitors to a place like Crater Lake have too much respect for public places that it isn't a common issue. The only negative I can see is there really wasn't anything artistic about the entirior of the bathroom. Grey floor and white floors is about as utilitarian as it gets. Based off of these factors, I'm going to give this facility a 4 flush rating.

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Facility Location Cleanliness Design Artwork Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Notes
Crater Lake Trail Head Crater Lake, Oregon Cleanliness Design   Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Clean and functional. Nice use of exterior stonework to blend into landscape.