Jack in the Box at Redding, California - Bathroom Review

The next stop in my summer 2015 road trip was at a Jack in the Box fast food joint in Redding, California. Like all fast food restraurant bathrooms, I wasn't expecting much but much to my surprise, this was one of the cleanest and tasteful bathrooms for a fast food restraurant I have ever encountered. The design though simple, was tastful with nice colors and the fixtures were a stainless steel design that gave the room a highend feeling to it. I have two notes for the fixtures used in this facility, the first is that the toilet paper dispenser that is being used is the very popular two roll vertical dispenser. This fixture though perfectly acceptable is a low capacity unit and also leaves the paper completely exposed to splashing. Our own AA-HRTDx4E is a much better design for facilities that need higher capacity, fully shrouded paper and splash protection. Also of note is the use of a security mirror that is designed to prevent vandalism to it. This particular security mirror I have seen before but I am not impressed with the design or construction. Though I am sure this security mirror is sufficient for most of the places it is installed, our own AA-MTL security mirror is what I would consider to be a truly vandal resistant mirror. Overall this bathroom deserves a 4 flush rating in that it was clean, tasteful design and free of bathroom vandalism or bathroom grafitti. The only flush taken off was for artwork because even though the design was appealing, there was nothing that really made it standout.

Jack in the Box Restaurant at Redding, California - Public Restroom Review - 4/5 Flushes


Facility Location Cleanliness Design Artwork Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Notes
Jack in the Box Restaurant Redding, California Cleanliness Design   Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Clean and Functional with a modern style