Mississauga High School Locks Washrooms Amid Vandalism Concerns

Cawthra Park Secondary School in Mississauga has taken the step of locking most of its washrooms during class hours due to ongoing vandalism issues. This decision, implemented just over a week ago, has left students with limited access to restroom facilities during the school day. Signs were posted on washroom doors around November 16th, leading to significant line-ups and inconvenience for students rushing between classes. The signs explain that the closure is a response to frequent washroom vandalism and the need for supervision. While some washrooms remain open during class time and after school hours, the majority are locked until just before school starts and during lunch. The Peel District School Board defended this decision as a safety measure to ensure a secure and equitable learning environment for students. However, some students believe that alternative solutions should be explored, as this arrangement inconveniences the school's 1,200 students and may compromise their sense of safety.