Nordstroms at San Mateo - Bathroom Review

Nordstroms is a well known upscale retailer that is known for high end tastes. Indeed their restroom was very nicely designed and constructed with expensive materials. It was a bit surprising to see this facility in the condition that it was with the overflowing waste paper. I believe that Nordstroms as a whole goes to great efforts to keep it's restrooms clean and presentable so I don't believe this one incident is a reflection on the store as a whole.

Interestingly enough, this situation does highlight the issue that paper towel waste can lead to unnecessary instances of overflowing waste paper baskets. Electric handryers are nothing new but old models were very slow in performance thus leading to most people electing to grab the paper towels hanging on the wall. Modern Electric Hand Dryers are are very fast with drying times measured in just a few seconds. American Hand Dryer Company and their line of Extreme Air Hand Dyrers are outstanding heavy duty eletric hand dryers that perform exceptionally well. My first encounter with this unit I was surprised at how powerful it was and how efficient it was for shedding water off of the skin.

On this day Nordstroms of San Mateo receives a 4 flush rating due to the poor maintenance allowing for the excessive paper towels in the waste bins. To be fair, this is likely a one off incident that I just happened to encounter and I'm certain on most days the restroom is kept in excellent condition.

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Facility Location Cleanliness Design Artwork Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Notes
Nordstroms San Mateo, CA   Design Artwork Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Excellent facility minus the trash