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Unveiling the Robust Security of Vandal Stop’s AA-HRTD-LCx2E

In the world of commercial washroom accessories, the battle against vandalism is ongoing. At Vandal Stop, we understand the importance of robust, durable products that can withstand even the most determined vandals. Today, we're taking a closer look at how our AA-HRTD-LCx2E two-roll commercial toilet paper holder stands superior in the face of vandalism when compared to competitors like the Bobrick B-265 model.

Vandal Stop two roll commerical toilet paper holderVandal Stop two roll commerical toilet paper holder
Bobrick B-265 toilet paper holdersBobrick B-265 toilet paper holders
Bobrick B-265

The Difference Lies in the Details

Enhanced Material Strength:

The first line of defense against vandalism is the material used. Our Vandal Stop model is crafted from substantially thicker material. While the exact gauge is not detailed on our website, our commitment to using 12 gauge stainless steel is unwavering. This is in stark contrast to the 18 gauge (1.2mm) steel used in the Bobrick B-265, making our product significantly more resilient and vandal-resistant​​.

Superior Mounting Strategy:

A key aspect of vandalism resistance is how securely a product is mounted. The Bobrick B-265 relies on sheet-metal screws suitable for a variety of surfaces, but may not offer the same level of security against forceful removal​​. Our Vandal Stop toilet paper holder is mounted using heavy-duty bolts with a larger diameter (3/8"), ensuring it remains firmly in place, even in the face of aggressive attempts to dislodge it.

Advanced Lock Protection:

Protecting the integrity of the lock is crucial in public spaces. Our products are designed to shield locks from being compromised by tools like bolt cutters, a feature not explicitly mentioned for the Bobrick B-265. This added layer of security means that our toilet paper holders are not just physically robust, but also secure against tampering.

Conclusion: A Pledge to Durability and Security

At Vandal Stop, our commitment to creating products that can stand up to the rigors of public use is unwavering. The AA-HRTD-LCx2E is a testament to this dedication, offering superior material strength, mounting security, and lock protection. In environments where vandalism is a concern, choosing Vandal Stop means choosing peace of mind. Visit our product page for more information: Vandal Stop AA-HRTD-LCx2E.

Discover the Difference:

Experience the security and durability that only Vandal Stop can offer. Choose Vandal Stop for your commercial washroom needs – where quality meets unparalleled vandal resistance.