TikTok Trend Leads to Vandalism in Speedway Parks

Speedway, Indiana parks have been hit by a wave of bathroom vandalism believed to be linked to the "Devious Licks" TikTok trend. Over a week, incidents escalated from removing tank lids to smashing sinks, causing thousands in damages. Speedway Parks and Rec Director, Tammy Smith, expressed concern over the continuous vandalism, noting it's unlike any they've seen before. After learning about the trend on a national parks and rec Facebook page, Smith believes the challenge is motivating kids to "one-up each other." The Speedway Police Department warns that such acts can lead to criminal charges, even felonies, depending on the damage. In response, park bathrooms are now being closed during certain hours, and tank lids are zip-tied down. Smith encourages the community to report any suspicious activities and offers vandals a chance to volunteer in the park, turning their destructive tendencies into constructive actions.