Visitor Center, Oregon Caves National Monument - Bathroom Review

The visitor center at the Oregon Caves wasn't nearly interesting as the Chateau itself and you didn't get a lot of access to see it other than the first floor gift shop and staging area for tours. I believe the top portions of the center or set aside for the various staff members to be able to live in while the work during the summer. I had enough time before bedtime to sneak out to the bathrooms at the visitor while nobody was around (the tours had stopped around 6:30 I believe) and take a few pictures. What I liked about these bathrooms is the large black mountain line that stands guard over the entrway to the facilities. Though probably not necessarily intentional as far as the bathrooms are concerned, it was a nice touch worth noting. The lion actually resides on the roof of the women's bathroom.

The inside of the bathroom was dated just like the Chateau was but in a retro is cool way, it was pretty neat to be able to see the same design elements carried over. There was some tilework design that though showed effort, wasn't super inspriring as far as something that stands out. The sinks themselves were quite basic while the stalls where unusually small but to put it in perspective, it's probably not that they are small so much that Americans have grown much wider. The facility itself was very clean but that was to be expected as it had just been cleaned in anticipation of the new guests coming in. There was no obvious signs of graffiti or vandalism that would be attributed to the type of customer this bathroom would host. The tilework though not overly impressive was probably tasteful for the time the facility was built so I'll give a flush for that. Overal this restroom has earned a 4 flush rating and worthy of a visit.

Visitor Center, Oregon Caves National Monument, Oregon - Public Restroom Review - 4/5 Flushes

Facility Location Cleanliness Design Artwork Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Notes
 Visitor Center Oregon Caves National Monument, Oregon Cleanliness   Artwork Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Clean and functional retro restroom.