When Graffiti Vandals Strike & How to Fight Back!

Graffiti in public restrooms today is about is a common place occurrence today. Graffiti is difficult to deal with for a number of methods of which the primary difficulty is how difficult it can be to remove from porous surfaces such as concrete and cinder block. There are now chemical coatings that are becoming available that promise to prevent graffiti from being able to adhere to a surface. Called "superhyrophobic" these coatings literally prevent liquids from being absorbed by the material that has been treated with it. These coatings are promising but they are not perfect as durability of the coating can still be somewhat of an issue. The future does look bright though as there will hopefully be a day that graffiti artist will be foiled through nano-technology that literally makes it impossible to tag a wall.

Unnamed - Public Restroom Review - 2/5 Flushes

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