Burgers & Brew, Chico, California - Bathroom Review

Chico California is a small agriculture / college town located an hour and a half North of Sacramento. Having grown up in Chico, I still have a huge calling to want to return to my roots and enjoy many of the great aspects of Chico that make it the gem that it is. Bidwell Park the last time I checked is the second largest city owned park in the United States offering a multiude of outdoor activities from hiking, biking, horseback riding, frisbee golf or swimming in the famous one mile pool in the heat of the summer. An interesting side note about Bidwell park is that Vandal Stop Products was born out of the maintenance division of Chico Parks & Recreation as my late Uncle Curt Bailey was often dealing with vandalism caused by hoodlums. Curt being the type of person that he was saw a problem and decided to go about and fix that problem. Vandal Stop was born nearly 30 years ago as a result. The last time I came to visit Chico was to attend my late uncle's funeral. 

My dad and I decided to go out and grab some lunch for the day and my dad being a huge fan of Beer suggested we go to the local Burgers and Brew house in downtown Chico. They had just recently moved to their new location so it would be fun to check out their new restaurant. When we stepped inside, I was blown away by the very wide selection of beer offerings on tap. They must have hade nearly 60 different types of fresh beer to try. There is some irony in that I'm actually not a fan of beer myself (long story) but having quite a sweet tooth that day I decided to try one of their milkshakes. We ordered and proceeded to sit outside on the patio and enjoy ourselves waiting for our food to arrive. When it did arrive, we were not dissapointed in the least! The burger and milk shake (heart attack in disguise by the calorie count) were amazing and well worth our trip to downtown.

Before leaving I decided that this local establishment deserved a review of the bathroom to see if its facilities were as good as it's food and beer. When I walked into the bathroom I was a bit let down. Overall the bathroom was very clean and well kept, there was no graffiti or vandalism to note and it was very clean but the problem was there nothing to make this great restaurant stand out. No design elements with flair or artwork to make it intresting. It was just a simple bathroom. I might have mistaken myself for a Jack in the Box to be honest. For a restaurant of this caliber and with the great theme of beer, there could be a really neat theme intertwined into the facility. That being said, it was clean and serviceable so this bathroom earns itself a 3 flush rating.

Burgers and Brew, Chico, California - Public Restroom Review - 3/5 Flushes

Facility Location Cleanliness Design Artwork Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Notes
 LBurgers & Brew Chico, California Cleanliness     Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Clean and functional but lacking in style and art.