Jack in the Box, Bradshaw Road, Sacramento, California - Bathroom Review

Sacramento is one of those cities that no matter how hard it tries, always seems to be a bit of a misfit. There are some really nice areas of Sacramento to include the old Downtown area and some of the avenues called the "Fabulous 40s" that used to be the homes of politicians from long ago. Then there are areas of Sacramento that are inveloped in industry and low income neighborhoods. I actually lived in Sacramento for about a year and liked the town once I got a feeling for it but the one thing I didn't really like was the amount of sprawl there is. It has spread out into the surrounding ag land in a nearly haph-hazard way. 

Finding myself on business in Sacramento and needing a quick bite to eat I decided to stop at a local Jack in the Box place I have gone to a couple of times before when I lived in the area. This particular Jack in the Box was located inside a gas station and saw a lot of traffic. When I popped into the restaurant, I wasn't expecting much, like most fast food places, the bathroom is one area that gets a lot of use and abuse. The bathroom was actually surprisingly clean, for a fast food restaurant at least. It had a modern design look to it that gave it an upscale feel. The only real problem was that it was out of toilet paper which is a big problem for the customers. The paper dispenser is a standard two roll dispenser that would need frequent servicing within a day. Our own HRTDx4E unit would be a good alternative in this situation as it has the extra high capacity of four rolls. The mirrors were also a brand of Secuirty Mirror that many high use and abuse facilities are switching to. While it is better than a standard mirror, I still find these mirrors to be relatively flimsy as compared to our own AA-MTL mirror that comes in 14g stainless steel and is backed by a ten year warranty. Overall, this bathroom receives a 3 flush rating for having a modern design, free of graffiti and vandalism. Had this bathroom been stocked properly with toilet paper it would have been a 4 flush rating.

Jack in the Box, Bradshaw Road, Sacramento, California - Public Restroom Review - 3/5 Flushes

Facility Location Cleanliness Design Artwork Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Notes
Jack in the Box Sacramento, California   Design   Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Lost a flush because it was out of toilet paper.