Santa Cruz Roller Palladium, Santa Cruz, California - Bathroom Review

As a kid I grew up roller skating at the local roller rink in Chico California called Cal Skate. At the time I didn't think much about it but now that my daughter has become interested in roller skating and we explore what is available in the Bay Area, I'm learning how spoiled I was with Cal Skate in Chico. It's a facility that has managed to update and stay somewhat modern with the times. Other roller skating places we have been to look like they were built in the 70s and then forgotten. Having spent lots of time at the Redwood City Roller Rink, we decided to try this place in Santa Cruz. When we arrived it looked similar to Redwood City's rink. Walking inside though it was nice to see that they had opened the drop ceiling up to reveal the nice wood ceiling. Of course, being that it was a lot of wood on the floor, ceilings and walls, the sound system was full of echos and was nearly impossible to hear any announcements. My daughter and her friend proceeded to roller skate while her mom and I sat and watchd. There happened to be one overweight guy in his 50s and his son that thought it great fun to skate as fast as they possibly could around the rink to the peril of others around them. There were many close calls of this guy almost hitting someone and I eventually complained to the manager. All she did was to make an announcement over the lousy PA system that you couldn't even understand. Thankfully the guy eventually left before hurting someone. Considering how uninterested the manager was in making sure their younger clients were safe from some old fat guys trying to relive his glory days of the 70s I'm not certain I will be in a hurry to return to this facility.

Just before we left I decided to use the restroom really quick. When I walked inside, I was quite shocked! For a facility that is supposed to be a kid friendly environment, this bathroom was GROSS!!! My daughter had just used the girls restroom and I really hope it was cleaner than the men's restroom because it was just absolutely distusting. There was graffiti everywhere, stains in the toilets and sinks and the fixtures were all scratched up. This facility doesn't deserve any ratings what so ever. It's a zero flush bathroom....

Santa Cruz Roller Palladium, Santa Cruz, California - Public Restroom Review - 0/5 Flushes

Facility Location Cleanliness Design Artwork Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Notes
Santa Cruz Roller Palladium Santa Cruz, California           For a kid friendly facility, this is absolutely unacceptable!