The Habit Burger Place, San Mateo, California - Bathroom Review

If you've never been to a Habit hamburger resteraunt, it is well worth the stop should you find one on your travels. This place is a more upscale version of In-And-Out and at a more relaxing pace. Seating is usually pretty easy to find and I've always found the staff to be very friendly and accomodating. I also can't get enough of their strawberry milkshakes though I'm afraid the combination of burger, fries and a shake is enough calories to last a week! The first Habit I ever went to is located in San Mateo, California and of all people, it was my grandmother who told me about it. Having never heard of a hamburger place and intrigued that my grandmother would recommend such a place (she's not known for eating hamburgers).

I've been to this particular location many times over the past year and always found it to be clean. I've never visisted the restroom until the time I took these pictures. As expected, I found the bathroom to be clean and serviceable but nothing specatuclar. It was free of vandalism and grafitti so it gets points for that. There is a three block pattern of small tile on the wall and though it was an attempt at adding something artisitic, I'm not sure if this really counts. I've encountered some amazing bathrooms that have started to set the bar very high for what the definition of artisitic means! Overall, due to the cleanliness, lack of graffiti and vandalism, this Habit Hamburger location has earned itself a very respectable 3 flush rating.

Habit Hamburger at San Mateo, California - Public Restroom Review - 3/5 Flushes

Facility Location Cleanliness Design Artwork Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Notes
 Habit Hamburger San Mateo, California Cleanliness     Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Clean and functional but nothing that stands out.