Thielsen View Campground Boat Launch, Diamond Lake Oregon - Outhouse Review

On the second part of my summer 2015 roadtrip we stopped at beautiful Diamond Lake in Oregon. The campground we stayed in was Thielsen view campground and it's namesake comes from the absolutely georgeous mountain view of Thielsen Peak that stands on the opposite side of the lake. This was one of the stops that I wished I had planned on staying at least one more day as the water was full and reasonably warm enough to swim in. It would have been a perfect lake to try out my inflatable sailboat but alas, time was short for us and we had to press on.

The pit toilets at Thielsen View Campground where reasonably clean. I did find some minor graffiti in this particular unit down by the boat launch but nothing over the top. The design is just a prefab bathroom so it wasn't exactly something worth noting and like all of these types of bathroms, there was nothing artisitic about it other than the location. This particular pit toilet receives a 2 flush rating but could and should have been a 3 flush rating had the minor graffiti been taken care of.

Thielsen View Campground Boat Launch, Oregon - Public Restroom Review - 2/5 Flushes

Facility Location Cleanliness Design Artwork Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Notes
Thielsen View Campground Diamond Lake, Oregon Cleanliness       Free of Vandalism Clean and functional with only minor graffiti that could easily be taken care of.