Thielsen View Campground, Diamond Lake Oregon - Outhouse Review

The third leg of our summer road trip took us to the Oregon caves. On the way we stopped in Cave Junction to grab some food to eat. I used Yelp to locate the Wild River Pizza & Brewery company and suggested it to my father who became very excited when he heard that it was a brewery. We arrived right at opening time and proceeded to order a pizza and other food. The inside of the building is very much like most pizza parlors complete with lunch buffett, long rows of tables and even a video arcade. The food came out in a reasonable period of time and was found to be quite good. My dad tried the beer and liked it so much that he ended up buying a six pack of it that we then had to find room for in our ice chest.

As I stopped in at the restrooms the first thing I noticed was the signs on the doors to clearly indicate the men's and women's rooms. Walking in, I found a somewhat dated facility but was surprised that there was some nice artistic touches done in this bathroom facility. There was a nice rainbow and bird painting that was really well done along with some pictures of wildlife on the walls. This was the first public facility I have seen in a while that actually took some effort into making their bathroom unique and different which I give a solid thumbs up for the effort. The facility itself was clean, the only exception was that I did find some graffiti on the restroom fixtures. Overall this bathroom deserves a solid 3 flush rating for being clean, the effort on the artwork and being free of obvious signs of vandalism (aside from the graffiti).

Wild River Pizza & Brewery, Cave Junction, Oregon - Public Restroom Review - 3/5 Flushes

Facility Location Cleanliness Design Artwork Free of Graffiti Free of Vandalism Notes
Wild River Pizza & Brewery Cave Junction, Oregon Cleanliness   Artwork   Free of Vandalism Clean with nice artwork, minor graffiti on fixtures.