Vandal Stop Warranty Information

Warranty Explanations

Because we use the best in class materials, we are able to offer industry leading warranties. Other companies will happily give you a cheap or even free dispenser but when they have to be replaced on a constant basis, there are no savings to be found. Cheap dispensers will cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Ten-Year Vandal Proof Warranty (12 Gauge Products)

Our Ten-Year Vandal Proof Warranty is our premium offering, designed to provide maximum protection against vandalism. Under this warranty, we assure you that our products will resist any form of non tool assisted vandalism, provided the unit is properly mounted using 3/8" mounting hardware and locked while in use. In the event that vandals compromise the unit to the point where it is no longer functional, we commit to either repairing or replacing the unit. This warranty is ideal for locations prone to vandalism, offering peace of mind and ensuring the longevity and functionality of your investment.

Five-Year High Use & Abuse Warranty (14 Gauge Products)

The Five-Year High Use Warranty is tailored for environments experiencing high traffic, frequent use and occaisional abuse. This warranty guarantees that, when properly locked mounted using 3/8" mounting hardware, our units will endure the challenges of heavy use and occaisional abuse. It is designed to provide assurance that our products will maintain their functionality and integrity under the stress of constant use. Note that this warranty covers wear and tear due to high usage but does not extend to direct vandalism attacks. It's an ideal choice for busy locations seeking reliable performance over time.

Two-Year Functional Warranty (16 Gauge Products)

Our Two-Year Functional Warranty is focused on ensuring the operational integrity of our products in high-use areas. This warranty covers any functional defects or failures under normal use conditions, excluding direct vandalism attacks. It guarantees that the product will perform as intended for a period of two years, providing confidence in its reliability and quality. This warranty is suitable for areas with high traffic but lower risks of vandalism, ensuring that the products remain functional and effective.

Material Types

304L Stainless Steel Products:

Are suitable for applications where frequent exposure to fresh water will occur. The product is guaranteed not to fail because of corrosion related deterioration due to freshwater or it will be repaired or replaced at our discretion.

316L Stainless Steel Products

Are suitable for applications where frequent exposure to salt water or air will occur typically encountered in marine or beach side applications. The product is guaranteed not to fail because of corrosion related deterioration due to saltwater or it will be repaired or replaced at our discretion.

Etch Resistant Mirrors:

Our line of etch resistant mirrors employ a sacrificial layer of plexiglass that takes the brunt of vandalism attacks and offers a cost effective method of restoring the mirror to use without replacing the entire mirror. We do not warranty the sacrificial layer of plexiglass. Minor repair of the plexiglass may be performed by the customer using a hand-torch to melt out any scratches. Replacement plexiglass may be purchased from us or sourced from your local vendor.

Product Functionality:

Our warranty covers the functionality of the product in that it is guaranteed to continue working as intended even after enduring heavy use or attempted vandalism. We do not cover the cosmetic appearance of the product.

Mounting Requirements:

To be warranted against intentional vandalism attacks the product must be properly mounted using ⅜” diameter x 2.5” long mounting hardware (customer procured or sold optionally) with at least 4 mounting points anchored securely to the wall. Sheetrock installations require ¾” plywood backing or must have a minimum of two ⅜” diameter x 2.5” long mounting hardware screwed into a stud and the other two mounting points attached using heavy duty drywall anchors.

Security Requirements:

 Products must be securely locked with a key lock or padlock in order to be warranted against vandalism.

Labor Cost:

When a product is being serviced under warranty we will cover the repair or replacement and return shipping cost of the product. We do not cover labor costs associated with removal and reinstallation.

Theft Warranty Requirements:

 Products that have been removed from the facilities are not covered under warranty unless they are installed using our Vandal Stop Theft Proof security mounting hardware kits.

Mechanical & Electrical Components:

Some of our products come with mechanical components sourced from suppliers and are not covered by our warranty. This may include the plastic automated dispensing mechanism inside our soap dispensers or the clutch bearings inside our controlled dispensing mechanisms. If you should encounter a problem with these components we will be glad to assist with repair or replacement at the customer's expense.

Product Name Warranty Key:

  • 304L-12g: 10 Year Vandal Proof & Corrosion Resistance in Fresh Water Environments Warranty
  • 316L-12g: 10 Year Vandal Proof & Corrosion Resistance in Saltwater Environments Warranty
  • 304L-14g: 5 Year High Use & Abuse & Corrosion Resistance in Fresh Water Environments Warranty
  • 316L-14g: 5 YearHigh Use & Abuse & Corrosion Resistance in Saltwater Environments Warranty
  • 304L-16g: 2 Year Functional Warranty against Defects for Parts & Material
  • 316L-16g: 2 Year Functional Warranty against Defects for Parts & Material

Material Thickness Information

Vandal Stop Products comes in 3 different types of material thicknesses, 12 gauge, 14 gauge and 16 gauge. It is important to note that gauge thickness works in reverse. That is a 12 gauge product is going to be thicker than a 14 gauge product.

  • 12 Gauge Thickness: 0.1046 inches (100% - baseline)
  • 14 Gauge Thickness: 0.0747 inches (71.4% of 12 gauge)
  • 16 Gauge Thickness: 0.0598 inches (57.2% of 12 gauge)
  • 18 Gauge Thickness: 0.0478 inches (45.7% of 12 gauge)
  • 20 Gauge Thickness: 0.0359 inches (34.3% of 12 gauge)
  • 22 Gauge Thickness: 0.0299 inches (28.6% of 12 gauge)

To compare the relative strength of the different gauges of stainless steel sheet metal in terms of their resistance to bending under a load, we can use the deflection values calculated for a 50 lb weight. The strength in this context is inversely proportional to the deflection – the less a material deflects under a load, the stronger it is considered in terms of resistance to bending.

  • 12 Gauge is approximately 181.25% stronger than 14 Gauge.
  • 12 Gauge is approximately 406.25% stronger than 16 Gauge.
  • 12 Gauge is approximately 781.25% stronger than 18 Gauge.
  • 12 Gauge is approximately 1662.5% stronger than 20 Gauge.
  • 12 Gauge is approximately 2693.75% stronger than 22 Gauge.

Most stainless steel products available on the market come in at 22 gauge stainless steel. Some companies offer a "Heavy Duty" product line that they consider to be "Vandal Resistant" using 18 gauge. These are materials that we will not use for any of our products destined for high vandalism locations.

Our Vandal Stop Products are ~2693% stronger than standard stainless steel toilet paper dispensers from the leading manufactuers.

Material Thickness Comparison Chart

Vandal Proof Warranty Material Thickness ComparisonVandal Proof Warranty Material Thickness Comparison

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