FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products ADA Compliant?:

We strive as much as possible to make our products ADA compliant where applicable. Each type of product will have it's own requirements for compliance. Much of the compliance is dependent on how the unit is installed. For a brief summary of installation requirements, please take a look a this resource here. Some products such as those that control the amount of paper delivered or require manual operation may or may not meet ADA requirements. It is important that you check with a qualified ADA expert if in doubt.

How Do I Order?

All ordering is handled through our website. You may elect to use a credit card or submit a Purchase Order. If you need to submit a Purchase Order, at checkout in the payment section just above the Credit Card payment option there will be a link with "Pay by Purchase Order". Click on this link and it will allow you to upload a PDF copy of your Purchase.

Can I Purchase from a Distributor?

Vandal Stop Products is sold directly through our website. For the vast majority of our customers, you will purchase directly from us using our website. Some customers may need to purchase through a qualified reseller. In that case, have your preferred vendor contact us and we will work them to get the sale made.

Do you support xyz soap product (for soap dispensers)

When we design our soap dispensers, we try to make them as universal as possible when it comes to supplies they can use. That being said, we can't design for every product out there so we often pick a few brands that appear to be the most popular and design from there. If you have a particular soap product you wish to use, you can always contact us and discuss it with us. We can't make promises but if the demand is there, we are often happy to modify or create a new product for our customers. In fact, the majority of products we sell are because customers asked about it first!

Do you support xyz paper product

Our toilet paper dispensers and paper towel holders are designed to be as universal as possible for paper products.For many of our dispensers, they are designed to accept both coreless and cored paper. We can make spindle adapters to accommodate most every paper style as well. We can't guarantee our dispenser will work with your paper but we are confident it will work with the vast majority of common paper types available on the market today. 

Do you ship to…

The short answer is YES! The majority of our domestic orders are shipped via UPS or LTL freight (for larger orders). For international shipments, we ship via USPS and can pretty much send our product to anywhere that USPS services. 

I need product by xyz date, can you do that?

The majority of our products are made to order with a typical lead time of 2 to 4 weeks. Various factors can play into these lead times, specifically material availability is the most significant. We do our best to maintain a ready supply of material on hand for our typical order demand. However, from time to time we do have large orders come in that can wipe that stock out and it can take a few days to get more material into the factory. Because of these reasons, we don't guarantee delivery dates but we will do our best to try to meet timelines when possible. If you are on a tight schedule, your best bet is to give us a call and ask about current lead times.

I’m a reseller, can I get a discount on pricing?

Although we sell direct, we do have some customers that purchase through resellers. If you are a reseller purchasing product for a customer of yours, we do give a 5% discount on the condition that you provide a link back to our website stating that you are proud to offer Vandal Stop Products. Once we confirm the link has been added, we will set you up with our Tier 1 reseller program. Our Tier 2 reseller program requires a link and keeping product in stock. Call and inquire about either of these programs if they make sense for you.

I’m buying in bulk, can I get a discount on pricing?

Our bulk pricing discounts begin at 50 units. If you intend to purchase in bulk, feel free to inquire about volume discounting. We don't do it for all situations and products but we will be happy to discuss and see what might work.

I’m a non-profit, can I get a discount on pricing?

At this time we do not offer any non-profit specific pricing unless you are ordering in bulk quantities of 50 items or more.

How long does it take for delivery?

Delivery in the US via UPS Ground is generally 5 to 7 business days. We do not guarantee delivery dates but we will be happy to ship via expedited shipping if the customer elects to pay the additional cost. Note that our products are heavy and bulky so shipping via overnight can be costly. We only suggest doing so as a last resort. 

Can you put a lock on an outlet, or secure an outdoor outlet?

Absolutely! We encourage you to take a look at our line of electrical outlet lock boxes and sprinkler timer boxes to secure your outdoor outlets. How and why do you secure an outlet depends on your specific environment and application.