Park Superintendent-City of Santa Rosa, CA - "To prospective buyers, The City of Santa Rosa, CA, has been using Vandal Stop Products™ for many years now and finds them to be all they are advertised to be. More than that, Curt has been excellent to work with when we have special needs. I don't know of a single unit in our entire system that has had to be replaced, they last forever. The design, function, and quality are all of the highest standard. We truly get what we pay for and recommend them to anyone who deals with "abusive public service  conditions".

 Campground cost savings with Vandal Stop Savings Over Time

Campgrounds both private and public are an ideal candidate for Vandal Stop line of heavy duty dispensers. In settings where facility maintenance can be infrequent, having high capacity and durable fixtures in place for your customers is critical. Featuring all stainless steel construction, our dispensers will also stand the test of time year over year providing your campground with additional savings. The savings of Vandal Stop units over a typical plastic or light duty metal dispenser can add dramatically to your bottom line over time. At just a single campground with ~8 stalls, the savings over a period of 20 years could add up to as much as $23,000 in savings with the switch to Vandal Stop Dispensers.

Vandal Stop Difference - Campgrounds

Number of Restrooms 2 Est. Restrooms / Station 1
Est. Stalls / Restroom 1 Total Stalls at Station 2

Estimated Deployment Cost

  Vandal Stop Competing Stainless Competing Plastic
Model AA-JRDx1 2890 59012
Dispenser Price $279.00 $41.92 $18.96
Paper Price / Roll $5.06 $5.06 $5.06
Estimated Labor Cost to Install 1* $50.00 $50.00 $50.00
Install Cost / Unit (Dispenser + Labor) $329.00 $91.92 $68.96
Deployment Cost across District $658.00 $183.84 $137.92

Estimated Vandalism Costs

Est. Times Single Stall Vandalized / Year 0 1 2
District Count of Dispensers Vandalized / Year 0 2 4
Est. Times Rolls Stolen from One Stall / Year 0 1 2
District Count of Rolls Stolen / Year 0 2 4
  Vandal Stop Standard Metal Standard Plastic
Year 1 $658.00 $193.96 $296.08
Year 2 $0.00 $387.92 $592.16
Year 3 $0.00 $581.88 $888.24
Year 5 $0.00 $969.80 $1,480.40
Year 10 $0.00 $1,939.60 $2,960.80
Year 15 $0.00 $2,909.4 $4,441.20
Year 20 $0.00 $3,879.20 $5,921.60

1* Labor Install Cost estimate includes salary, benefits, insurance, taxes, transportation time for on hour of labor by unionized employee

Dispenser cost/time chartDispenser cost/time chart