Joe P., City of Liven:

"If you are looking for a strong heavy duty toilet paper holder look no further. This is as good as vandal proof gets."

Tony H., City of Moreno Valley:

"I have been purchasing Vandal Stop Products for about 20 years. Nothing else will go into my park designs or remodels. If something breaks, VSP repairs it. We receive funds to construct or improve parks.  It is very important that we use the longest lasting fixtures in them, since there are not a lot of funds for maintenance and replacement. We chose wisely. That's why we choose Vandal Stop Products."

Midsize City Cost Savings with Vandal Stop

Cities today are on the forefront of dealing with how to handle large populations of transient and homeless populations. More than ever before, the issue of how to balance the personal freedoms of the individual with the need to provide safe and clean environments to cities continues to remain at the forefront of concerns for city officials. Providing safe and clean restroom facilities for citizens has been hampered by individuals that take advantage of such facilities availability to commit crime and cause damage. We can't stop all forms of vandalism that occur in public facilities but we can help to minimize the cost and impact to city budgets and citizens when attacks do occur.

Our line of heavy duty, stainless steel restroom fixtures is ideal for public spaces where high transient and homeless populations are expected to use the facilities. Starting with our heavy duty, 12 gauge stainless steel, our selection of material is unmatched by anyone else in the industry. We also work hard to develop designs that make it difficult to impossible for bulk paper theft to occur. An average Jumbo Roll today costs $5.00 and a bottle of foaming soap liquid can cost as much as $20 or more. Keeping these supplies where they are supposed to be accessible for customers is a challenge that Vandal Stop is able to rise to. Our designs incorporate locks designed to be used with heavy duty padlocks to ensure that fixtures cannot be opened and expensive supplies are pilfered. We also incorporate features that ensure our dispensers stay on the wall by utilizing heavy duty 3/8" mounting hardware with several mounting holes to give unmatched strength.

The difference in our products adds up quickly in a short amount of time. In heavily vandalized / compromised facilities, our solutions can often pay for themselves within a couple of years. This is because the true cost of vandalism isn't the replacement cost of broken fixtures but the additional maintenance cost to service / repair facilities. In today's tight budgets and high labor costs, by the time fuel, insurance, transportation time, and other factors the estimated cost to repair / replace a broken dispenser can be as much as $50.00 per incident. This starts to add up quickly throughout the year and will eat into the time and budget of other competing priorities. 

Vandal Stop Difference - Midsize City

Number of Public Restrooms in City 200 Est. Restrooms / City 1
Est. Stalls / Restroom 2 Total Stalls in District 400

Estimated Deployment Cost

  Vandal Stop Competing Stainless Competing Plastic
Model AA-JRDx1 2890 59012
Dispenser Price $279.00 $41.92 $18.96
Paper Price / Roll $5.06 $5.06 $5.06
Estimated Labor Cost to Install $50.00 $50.00 $50.00
Install Cost / Unit (Dispenser + Labor) 1* $329.00 $91.92 $68.96
Deployment Cost across District $131,600.00 $36,768.00 $27,584.00

Estimated Vandalism Costs for Midsize City with 200 Public Restrooms and 400 Bathroom Stalls

Est. Times Single Stall Vandalized / Year 0 1 2
District Count of Dispensers Vandalized / Year 0 400 800
Est. Times Rolls Stolen from One Stall / Year 0 3 6
District Count of Rolls Stolen / Year 0 1200 2400
  Vandal Stop Standard Metal Standard Plastic
Year 1 $131,600.00 $42,840.00 $67,312.00
Year 2 $0.00 $85,680.00 $134,624.00
Year 3 $0.00 $128,520.00 $201,936.00
Year 5 $0.00 $214,200.00 $336,560.00
Year 10 $0.00 $428,400.00 $673,120.00
Year 15 $0.00 $642,600.00 $1,009,680.00
Year 20 $0.00 $856,800.00 $1,346,240.00

1* Labor Install Cost estimate includes salary, benefits, taxes, transportation time for on hour of labor by unionized employee

Dispenser cost/time chartDispenser cost/time chart