Mounting Hardware

Mounting Hardware Fact Sheet:

Is Mounting Hardware Included?

At this time, we do not provide mounting hardware with any of our products. While we would like to do so as a matter of convenience to our customers, the variety of different building designs, materials and construction would require us to include several different types of mounting hardware to cover all of the possible install scenarios. The cost of providing all of the different types would be expensive. At some point in the future, it is hoped that we could start offering install kits that can be purchased along with the product that can be tailored to the installation but there are many logistical issues that need to be worked out before that can happen.

Is Mounting Hardware Included? What Type of Mounting Hardware Should I Purchase?

Vandal Stop Products by Atlas American offers the best in heavy duty restroom fixtures on the market but if improperly installed, even the best fixture can become a victim of theft or vandalism. It is imperative that the installer use the appropriate 3/8" mounting hardware that will securely attach the unit to the wall of the facility. In cases where the unit is being mounted to sheet-rock, it is necessary to add a sheet of 3/4" plywood behind the sheet-rock in order to provide additional bite for the installation screws if studs are not within easy reach.

Should I use Security Style Mounting Hardware?

If theft of the product is a concern then it is recommended that you use a security type of mounting hardware that requires a special tool for mounting. Companies such as Tamper Proof Screw Company offer a wide variety of security screws that are worth considering.

Must I Really use 3/8" Mounting Hardware?

Vandal Stop Products are all designed with a 3/8" mounting hole from which to mount your product to your wall. It is possible to use a standard screws with a flat washer however you will be compromising the Vandal Resistant design of the product without utilizing the superior mounting hardware.

I'm Mounting into Sheetrock, What Should I do?

Sheetrock installations are the most tricky for true Vandal Resistant designs. We recommend a 3/4" plywood backing behind the sheet-rock in order to provide strength for mounting the product to the wall. It is recognized that in retrofit applications where the unit is being added to an existing building, plywood backing is not possible. The next best suggestion is to then mount the unit such as to maximize the number of mounting holes that align with a stud in the wall and then use a drywall anchor on the other side to provide strength.