Can Bobrick Toilet Paper Dispensers stand up to Vandalism?

As one of the largest Division 10 specialties washroom facility manufacturer, Bobrock products are seen nearly everywhere in the world. When it comes to Bobrick Surface Mounted Vandal Resistant Toilet tissue Dispensers, are they really "vandal resistant"? In light duty situations where the public restroom facility is frequented by normal users, the answer is generally yes. Bobrick Vandal Resistant Toilet Paper Dispensers are probably suited just fine for the job. However... If your facilities are frequented by teenagers and vagrants, there are many problems iith Bobrick Vandal Resistant Toilet Paper Dispensers. Not all "vandal resistant toilet paper dispensers" are the same. Comparing Vandal Stop Products dispensers to Bobricks Heavy Duty Dispensers you will see the difference between just "vandal resistant" and "vandal proof". What makes a good toilet paper dispenser vandal resistant? Checkout the list below to see how Bobrick Vandal Resistant Dispensers compare to our own Vandal Resistant Toilet Paper Dispensers:

Will a Bobrick Vandal Resistant Toilet Paper Dispenser withstand a Baseball Bat?

Bobrick Vandal Resistant Toilet Paper Dispensers have No Shroud

Without a protective shroud, there is open access for a "user" to vandalize your bathroom facility by peeing on the paper and ruining it. In areas like Public Parks, this is an all too common situation. Nothing is worse for your customer then to have a toilet paper roll soiled with somebody's urine. Nearly all of our Vandal Resistant Toilet Paper Dispensers feature shrouding to protect your expensive paper from being destroyed by vandals.

Bobrick Vandal Resistant toilet Paper Dispensers cannot be Locked Securely

Without a heavy duty lock, your expensive paper supplies are easy for the picking. Bobrck claims that the roll cannot be removed from the dispenser until empty but with open access to the rolls, someone just has to take a knife to the roll to easily cut if off and do as they please. Most of our products such as our industry leading AA-JRDx1 Vandal Resistant Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser are able to be locked securely with a heavy duty padlock that is also protected. 

Bobrick Vandal Resistant toilet Paper Dispensers does Not use Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

The hall mark of a vandal resistant fixture is the use of heavy duty materials. Many companies advertise their line of 18 gauge stainless steel as a "vandal resistant" dispenser. Here at Vandal Stop Products, we won't even consider building one of products with 18 gauge stainless steel. It is just way to flimsy! At Vandal Stop Products, we use heavy duty 12 gauge stainless steel that is over twice as thick as Bobrick "Heavy Duty" dispenser line of products. The difference can be seen in just the weight of our products! Our AA-MJRDx2 Vandal Resistant Mini Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser weighs nearly 20 lbs! Just look at this chart for a relative comparison of material sizes and see for yourself. 12 gauge stainless steel is significantly stronger than 18 gauge stainless steel!

Material thickness chartMaterial thickness chart

Comparing Bobrick versus Vandal Stop

There is just no comparison between Bobrick Surface Mounted Vandal Resistant Toilet Tissue Dispensers and Vandal Stop Products line of Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Fixtures. If you want to stop expensive vandalism in it's tracks, get the best! Our motto is "Buy it Once!, Install it Once!.