Impacts of Public Bathroom Vandalism

We have all been there at one time or another often at the least convenient of times. Needing to use a public restroom nearby but not certain where to find one. Thanks in large part to vandalism of public restrooms by teenagers, vagrants and drug addicts, finding a clean public bathroom that is open to the public is becoming more and more of a challenge. The impact to the honest public that just needs a public restroom is clear, a grimace and continued search for another facility that might be open. Or, when times are even more desperate, pleading with the proprietor to make an exception to allow them to use the private bathroom. Business owners are caught in the position of trying to protect their time and money and upset customers.

Impacts of public bathroom vandalismImpacts of public bathroom vandalism

Why does Public Restroom Vandalism Happen?

There are many reasons for this today. Society has changed dramatically in the last three decades. The common decency amongst strangers has been replaced with apathy towards others. While most humans would probably appreciate a clean public restroom facility, there are just enough people out there that just don't seem to care. Teenagers are one major culprit. In the worlds of Youtube and Tik Tok, filming oneself smashing porcelain toilets is a way to get attention on social media.

Restroom vandalismRestroom vandalism

Who is Causing Bathroom Vandalism?

The majority of public bathroom facilities today are being vandalized by vagrants and homeless populations. To be clear and fair, not all homeless people cause destruction to public restrooms but there is certainly a disproportionate amount that do. Those individuals that vandalize public their motivations are unfathomable. Substance abuse may play a roll in these individual actions of course. Someone inebriated by drugs or alcohol is not going to consider their actions and how they impact others.

Restroom bathroom vandalismRestroom bathroom vandalism

 What is the Impact of Bathroomn Vandalism?

As public facility owners and managers deal with cleaning and repairing their facilities they come to the conclusion that the effort is not worth the expense. Sure, they can hire someone to monitor the restrooms and that would be mostly effective but the cost outweighs the benefits in most cases. What incentive does a gas station, convenience store, fast food joint, coffee shop, public parks or any other small business that serves the public have to keep a clean public bathroom open? The simple and cost effective option for these entities are to close the public restroom with a lock and key.

What Vandal Resistant Washroom Accessories are Available?

There is no perfect solution to restroom vandalism but there are options to minimize the cost and impact. Keeping the facility clean and brightly lit is a positive first step. A clean restroom will be treated much differently by the general public than a dirty restroom. The next step is to install vandal resistant washroom accessories. Everything from Vandal Resistant Toilet Paper Dispensers to Anti-Graffiti mirrors and Vandal Proof Soap Dispensers are great starts. Using bathroom fixtures that aren't easily vandalized or tampered with are the next strategic option to consider. These fixtures can be an investment in the beginning but will pay off over time with significant savings over the years.

Do Vandal Resistant Washroom Accessories Work?

Yes! The line of vandal resistant and tamper proof dispensers that we offer are all designed to give you the absolute best vandal protection for your washroom accessories available today. Dealing with vandalism cannot necessarily be outright stopped without active security but employing vandal resistant and tamper proof bathroom fixtures is one of the best ways to save money. Watch this video below for a comparison difference between standard bathroom fixtures and Vandal Proof restroom fixtures.