Stop Devious Lick Challenge from Destroying your Bathroom!

There has been a recent trend on the social media platform Tik Tok where students record themselves stealing or vandalizing school property. Watching these videos brings emotions of anger and frustration as these schools commit these crimes and brag about it to their peers. School discipline has changed dramatically over the decades and while one could argue that in years past physical punishment for students dolled out by teachers or principles were often cruel, it certainly seemed to be effective in maintaining order in the classroom.

As the pendulum has swung the other way though, students now act as if with impunity and often at the cost of preventing learning in the classroom and the cost of taxpayer dollars to have to repair the vandalism caused by students. The so called Tik Tok "Challenge" has brought this bad behavior to a new height as students are now tearing off mirrors, soap dispensers, sinks, toilets and just about anything else they can get their hands on. We at Vandal Stop are well used to this type of behavior and have been designing products to prevent this type of vandalism for nearly three decades.

The best way to deter theft and vandalism in your school facilities is to use products specifically designed to withstand a vandalism attack in the first place. This is done by the use of heavy duty materials such us are 304L 12 gauge stainless steel material that we offer on nearly all of our products.  Nearly 1/8" of an inch thick, it is strong enough to swing a baseball bat at and still be functional. We also design our products to be mounted with 3/8" mounting hardware. Most of the dispensers seen in the Tik Tok videos are made of plastic and attached with small sheet rock screws or just adhered with double sided adhesive tape to the wall. It is no wonder these items are easily stolen or vandalized. Plastic will not hold up to a teenager bent on causing damage and these tiny screws and double sided tape are easy targets.