Replacement Sacrificial Plexiglass for Vandal Resistant Mirrors

The AA-MPL Replacement Sacrificial Plexiglass is a unique and practical solution designed to protect polished stainless steel mirrors in high-traffic and high-risk areas. This product is an essential addition for facilities that require mirrors to withstand frequent use and potential vandalism.

Sacrificial Plexiglass for Enhanced Protection

The AA-MPL features a replaceable layer of sacrificial plexiglass, specifically designed to shield the mirror's polished stainless steel surface. This layer effectively guards against scratches, graffiti, and other forms of vandalism, ensuring the mirror remains clear and functional.

Ideal for High Abuse Areas

Typically used in secure facilities, gas stations, beach restrooms, and other high-traffic areas, the AA-MPL is an excellent choice for locations where mirrors are subject to frequent abuse. Its protective nature makes it a valuable asset in maintaining the integrity of restroom mirrors.

Polished Stainless Steel for Safety

The underlying polished stainless steel mirror surface offers a safe alternative to traditional glass mirrors. This design eliminates the risk of shattering, making it a safer choice for public restrooms, school hallways, or vehicle engine bays.

Customizable to Fit Various Mirror Sizes

The AA-MPL is available for customization to fit a range of Vandal Proof Mirrors. This flexibility allows facilities to protect various mirror sizes, ensuring a consistent and secure restroom environment.

Made in the USA for Quality Assurance

Crafted in the USA using American-sourced stainless steel, the AA-MPL guarantees quality and durability. Its construction is designed to withstand heavy use and impact, providing a long-lasting solution for restroom mirrors.

Easy to Replace for Continuous Protection

The sacrificial plexiglass is designed for easy replacement, ensuring that the mirror can be quickly and efficiently restored to its original condition, even after being subjected to vandalism or graffiti.

Opt for the AA-MPL in Your Facility

Consider the AA-MPL Replacement Sacrificial Plexiglass for Vandal Resistant Mirrors as a smart investment in maintaining the functionality and appearance of restroom mirrors. Explore this product to enhance the durability and safety of mirrors in your facilities.

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