Vandal Resistant Product Demonstrations

While COVID has made it difficult to set up in-person demonstrations for our vandal resistant products, it has not stopped us from providing you with "seeing is believing" proof of how tough our stainless steel toilet paper dispensers actually are.

After this video, can any of our competition use the word tough?

Vandalized Bathroom Fixtures with Baseball Bat


In today's society, being an architect designing a new facility that will be used by the general public can be especially challenging. Balancing the requirement to provide public restroom facilities while reducing the impact of maintenance and repair costs it can be difficult to find the right solutions to meet your customers needs. The ideal time to address designing for reduced maintenance costs is at the design stage where the proper products can be specified into the job. Many of our end user customers are maintenance personal that inherited a facility that was relatively new but the cheap plastic dispensers had already been vandalized.

Detailed Comparison of Products:

What's the Difference? Cheap Plastic vs Light Weight Stainless vs Vandalism Proof Toilet Paper Dispensers:

Because a Live Product Demo is not always possible, we have put together a detailed comparison of our Vandal Stop line of vandal resistant products and what would be the industry standard competing products available on the market today.

Facilities Managers

As a Facility Manager, you are dealing first hand with the costs to repair / replace broken dispensers while dealing with unhappy customers. If you are on a tight budget, it can be difficult to make the argument to upper management to make an investment into vandal resistant solutions. To make a strong case for your argument, it is critical to get management to look at the long term cost savings that can be had with the adoption of Vandal Stop Products line of restroom fixtures. Most of our products can pay for themselves within one or two years because they stay on the wall and they stay operable.

Vandal Proof Electrical Outlet Security Box

Live Product Demonstration

If you an end user, facilities manager or architecture firm that is considering adopting Vandal Stop Products for your facilities but would like to see the product first hand through a production demonstration, please send an e-mail to [email protected] with subject heading "Product Demo" and include a brief explanation of your facilities and the type of products you are interested in. If possible, we will schedule a visit by one of our reps who will demonstrate our products and answer any questions you may have. Due to COVID restrictions, this may be require flexible scheduling. Contact us for more information.

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