Rugged & Reliable for Restaurant Restrooms

Flimsy Plastic Dispensers Cost Time & Money

Facing constant restroom maintenance due to vandalism and high traffic? In the fast-paced world of fast food restaurants, ordinary restroom fixtures often fail to hold up, leading to regular and costly repairs.

Vandal Stop offers a solution with fixtures built for strength and endurance. Specially designed for the high-traffic and potential vandalism challenges in fast food environments, our products ensure your restrooms remain operational and welcoming. Opt for Vandal Stop and invest in restroom fixtures that are not just durable, but also a testament to your commitment to quality and customer comfort.

Vandals Waste Time & Money!

Vandalism restroomVandalism restroom

Vandal Stop Saves Time & Money

At Vandal Stop, we're committed to providing fixtures that can withstand the toughest challenges of a fast food restaurant setting. Recognizing the high risk of wear and tear, we confidently back our products with our Vandal Proof warranty. This unique guarantee reflects our confidence in the strength and durability of our fixtures, ensuring they can endure even the most severe cases of vandalism. Choose our products for a peace of mind, knowing they're specifically designed and guaranteed to resist vandalism in high-traffic environments.

What One of Our Customers Has to Say:

We have found that the destruction of our dispensers has virtually been eliminated. - Glenn County Jail & Parks Facilities, California 

How We Test Our Products... With a Baseball Bat!

The Vandal Stop Difference:

Vandal Proof Warranty: 

Our 12 gauge stainless steel products come with a 10-year warranty specifically against vandalism. We stand by the strength and durability of our fixtures, promising to repair or replace any vandalized items.

Flexible Consumable Options: 

We ensure our fixtures are compatible with various consumables, giving you the freedom to choose your preferred supplies without being tied to a single vendor.

Designed for Fast Food Restaurants:

We understand the unique challenges fast food restaurants face, such as high customer turnover and frequent restroom usage. Our fixtures are crafted to meet these specific demands, guaranteeing long-lasting functionality and appearance.

One-Time Installation, Long-Term Peace of Mind:

Invest once in our high-quality fixtures and save on repeated repair costs.

Stop the Repair Cycle - Buy it Once, Install it Once!

Dispenser cost/time chartDispenser cost/time chart

What Our Customers Say About Our Products

Glenn County Jail & Parks Facilities, California - We have found that the destruction of our dispensers has virtually been eliminated.

Joe P.- City of Liven - If you are looking for a strong heavy duty toilet paper holder look no further. This is as good as vandal proof gets.

Tony H.- City of Moreno Valley - I have been purchasing Vandal Stop Products for about 20 years. Nothing else will go into my park designs or remodels. If something breaks, VSP repairs it. We receive funds to construct or improve parks. It is very important that we use the longest lasting fixtures in them, since there are not a lot of funds for maintenance and replacement. We chose wisely. That's why we choose Vandal Stop Products.

Invest in Your Restaurant's Future

With Vandal Stop, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in a long-term solution that saves time, money, and effort. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is demonstrated by our strong track record with various businesses.

Ready to Enhance Your Restrooms?

Contact us to learn more about how Vandal Stop can benefit your fast food restaurant. Together, we can create a safer, more efficient, and cost-effective environment for your customers and staff.